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Sable Creek Rough For Sale


Sable Creek Rough (Basenite)-A pile of black and red rocks

$5.00 Per Pound

(Minimum Order 5 Pounds)

>$18.00 Medium Flat Rate Box for 5 to 20 Pounds.
>$23.00 Large Flat Rate Box for 25 Pounds up to 40 pounds.3

Cabochons made with Basenite backing

Basenite is a pure basalt with no pitting/crystal pockets, crystal inclusions, or voids. It is extremely stable with no spidery fractures or cracks. It can be cut with a true, accurate slab saw to 1.5mm thin and still be strong. It’s used mainly as a black backing for clear agate slabs/cabs that have inclusions such as plumes and Sagenite needles. Putting a black Basenite backing to make the inclusions more intense as seen above, makes a tremendous difference in the over all look of the cabochon. Other uses for Basenite can be for supporting thin opal doublets/triplets, thin slabs, flat cabs, napping, or as a support base for unstable or brittle rocks. Basenite has a gloss finish that easily matches a glossy-finished cabochon. I get my Basenite from a special area of the Owyhee desert.