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Grey Whale Jewelry

Santa Barbara, CA

Keith Hale

P.O Box 23909 Santa Barbara, CA 93121

Contact Email: Greywhalejewelry@hotmail.com

Keith Grey Hale is a stylistic gypsy when it comes to exploring the many different techniques, material,s and sensibilities in his jewelry art. His eclectic style reflects his sensitivity to energy within the stones and metals he works with. His ability to connect with that living vibration and to be guided by the “unique voice” emanating from the minerals is clearly seen and felt in his beautiful creations. Like an alchemist, he brings each piece of art into its own life, using his skill and intuition and just a bit of magic. Each piece reflects and enhances a unique personal quality of the wearer and becomes a meaningful part of their story. It is Mr. Hale’s intention that his art will serve Spirit and manifest the good and well-being of all who come in contact with it. As Mr. Hale says about his work: “I get to play with really cool rocks and fire”, but it is we who benefit from his playfulness and from his joy-infused jewelry.