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Denver Gem and Mineral Show Review
September 14 -16 2007

The Denver show was great again this year. I drove down to Denver with a friend of mine Gene Stewart. Gene was going down to replenish his supplies for his shop and I went down to buy some different rough and to keep him out of trouble. Like many other shows there were many dealers. But what makes this one different is that most of the main dealers in the country go there as a warm up for Tucson.
The minerals were really great as you will see in the photo’s I took. Unfortunately, I forgot to include the names on the sign as I was taking them. I’m not a collector of minerals so I don’t know the name of the exotic ones. I guess I just like to look at the weird and colorful ones. I think I did a good job on the photo’s considering they were in a hotel room with no flash and hand holding my camera.

The fossil show was outstanding. Collector Fossil prices have really gone up the only exception is the Moroccan Trilobites and others from there. That is not to say they are not any good but just there is a lot of them. The wholesale shows were the best. Gene and I got some great deals on stuff especially on Friday. The dealers always get nervous and slash the prices because they think no one is showing up, then on Saturday it’s like a zoo. Funny, they never seem to remember that year after year.

Anyway, here’s the pictures I hope you enjoy them.